Alan Jamison Profile pic

Alan Jamison (PI)  ⯯

Alan did his PhD with Deep Gupta at University of Washington in Seattle, studying ultracold mixtures of Li and Yb atoms as well as doing both theoretical and experimental work in precision atom interferometry using Bose-Einstein condensates.

Alan then spent time as a post doc and research scientist in the group of Wolfgang Ketterle at MIT. There he produced a new class of ultracold molecule, observed a new state of matter (the supersolid), and built an ultracold Dy lab. In addition to quantum many-body systems, he also studies emergent collective phenomena in classical many-body systems at metal concerts.


Jisu Kwon (Bureaucracy Destroyer)  ⯯

As a research finance coordinator at IQC, Jisu is available to help with providing administrative and financial support to a group of faculty members and their research groups. She is responsible for the financial administration of their operating and research grants and ensures that transactions comply with relevant university policies and granting agency guidelines.

Jisu holds a BA (Hons) in Economics and is currently a CPA Canada candidate. When she is not studying, Jisu enjoys travelling, learning a new piece on the piano, and rewatching Disney movies.


Omar Hussein (Grad Student)  ⯯

A night owl who graduated with his bachelor degree in physics from Zewail City in Egypt. I believe that to be a great physicist, one should have a great experience in both theoretical and experimental physics, so here I am gaining my experimental experience in one of the most interesting systems, Ultracold Atoms.

Of course, life isn't just about physics. I like a lot of things such as travelling, gaming, and football (aka soccer). I also recently started to learn to play the violin 😁 .


Forouzan Forouharmanesh (Grad Student)  ⯯

Forouzan holds a BSc in Physics from Isfahan University of Technology, and an MSc in Theoretical Condensed Matter from the University of Isfahan, Iran. While there, her research was focused on the superfluid density and the supersolid phase in long-range interacting ultracold gases. The beauty of manipulating quantum systems to gain a deep understanding of the complexity of the universe is what has always inspired Forouzan. Now she is here to understand the physics of many-body quantum systems and explore the connection between fundamental science and applied technologies.

The coordinate system in her life, however, also has other dimensions! Having found a great deal of pleasure in teaching, Forouzan has spent a couple of years as a high school physics and math teacher. She has also had wonderful pastel painting experiences. Finally, she greatly enjoys playing the most physically challenging sport in the world, i.e. chess!!!😉


Paul Del Franco (Grad Student)  ⯯

Paul Received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from McMaster University in 2009. And after creating a successful career in Sales, he came to the University of Waterloo to pursue an honours degree in Physics. Paul has spent two semesters exploring atomic physics in Jamison lab as an undergrad, and is now joining us as a grad student to delve deeper into experimental AMO physics.


Megan Byres (Grad Student)  ⯯

Megan received her bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2022. Her research there focused on heavy ion physics and the quark gluon plasma, and she worked with both ATLAS and SPHENIX during the course of her research. While at CU Boulder, she also developed an interest in quantum information, and she now works with ultracold atoms in Alan Jamison's group.

Outside of physics, Megan has a wide range of hobbies, including rock climbing, gaming, knitting, playing the guitar, and watching cheesy natural disaster movies.


Nabeel Rasheed (Undergrad Student)  ⯯

Nabeel is an undergraduate student who is studying Mathematical Physics at the University of Waterloo. With an interest in experimental physics, he is completing an 8-month research co-op at the Jamison Lab. His main project revolves around developing a large-scale sensor network for the lab.

Outside of physics, Nabeel is deeply involved in music as a composer and classical pianist. He also enjoys playing the electric guitar, playing the timpani for the UW Orchestra, and exploring the surprising connections between different genres of music.

Nabeel likes to spend his free time playing video games, exploring the latest computer tech, and learning 3D modeling.

Hyo Sun

Hyo Sun (Charlotte) Park (Undergrad Student)  ⯯

Hyo Sun is an undergraduate student at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, majoring in Physics at Haverford College with a Math minor. Before joining Jamison Lab in Summer 2022, Hyo Sun was involved in different research projects: at Bryn Mawr, she learned to cool and trap Rb atoms in the MOT. At Haverford, she worked in Computational Astrophysics, helping to develop methods for detecting gravitational waves using the Pulsar Timing Arrays; and also in Soft Matter Physics, where she ran Molecular Dynamics simulations to study the interactions between Superellipse Sector Particles. In Jamison Lab, she has found her passion in experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics, and she hopes to continue studying many-body quantum systems in graduate school!

In her free time, Hyo Sun likes to read, exercise, and listen to classical music. Also a classical soprano, Hyo Sun sings in choirs and gives personal recitals (sometimes even in the basement at IQC).


Aryan Prasad (Undergrad Student)  ⯯

Aryan is an undergraduate student studying electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo. Before matriculating, he conducted research both independently and with a research group, which fostered his passion for research in fundamental physics. As part of the Jamison Group, Aryan plans to apply and develop his knowledge of electronics to create experiments that probe the complexities of many-body quantum systems. He hopes to find his research passion before pursuing graduate school.

Outside of research, Aryan spends his time learning new things, contemplating existential crises, and attempting to find new ways to occupy his time. He also researches induction motor technology for the school's Hyperloop team.

Former Members

Zach Hinkle (MSc Graduate, 2020-2022)  ⯯

Next position: Engineer at Pratt & Whitney (US)

Zach received his bachelor's in physics from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). While there he performed research in High Energy Physics both with the ATLAS collaboration and IceCube. With ATLAS his research was focused on finding feasible channels for the possible detection of supersymmetry. With IceCube his research was focused on sterile neutrinos.

Zach also received a bachelor's of mechanical engineering from UTA, and upon graduating began work at Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth, Texas. During his time at Bell, Zach helped design the rotor system for Bell's new bid to the Army, the 360 Invictus.

In his spare time Zach loves being outdoors in any capacity, especially running, cycling, canoeing, and camping. A classically trained pianist of nearly 20 years, Zach will never miss an opportunity to argue why Chopin was the greatest pianist of all time.

Sana Momin (Undergrad, co-op 2021-2022)  ⯯

Next position: Coop at Western University (Ontario)

Sana Momin is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, where she is pursuing a degree in Honours Physics and Astronomy with a minor in Computer Science. She has always had great passion in learning more about quantum physics and is very excited to continue to deepen her understanding about ultra-cold atoms!

In her spare time, Sana loves to play soccer, try different cuisines and travel.

Candice Chua (Undergrad, USEQIP 2021) ⯯

Next position: Grad student at Harvard University (US)

Candice was an undergraduate Honours Chemistry student at the University of British Columbia. She spent the summer of 2021 as a research assistant in the Jamison lab, learning about the fascinating field of ultracold atoms and molecules! Her excitement for experimental research arises from her love for exploration.

Outside of the lab, she can be found forging through hiking trails, experimenting with paint, or trying new foods (recommendations are always welcome!).

Palka Minhas (Undergrad, 2020-2021)  ⯯

Palka was an undergraduate student at University of Waterloo, majoring in Honours Mathematical Physics. She worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Jamison Lab. Although Physics has always been her passion, she also loves to sing and play Harmonium (an Indian musical instrument.)

Aishwarya Joshi (Undergrad, 2020)  ⯯

Aishwarya Joshi is an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo, where he is pursuing a Joint Honours in Physics and Economics. He is passionate about exploring the intersection of these two fields and would love to hear your thoughts on it (so please don’t hesitate to reach out!).

As a part of the Jamison Group, Aishwarya’s work focused on using the techniques of agent-based modelling and statistical mechanics to create and analyze simulations of the formation and evolution of firms. He is also a recipient of the Mitacs Research Training Award (RTA) for the same project.

In his personal time, Aishwarya enjoys practising martial arts, reading books on History and Philosophy, and overanalyzing films and music.